Photo by Lexi Trainer

My name is Abby, and my operations are headquartered in a small apartment near the woods in Anchorage, Alaska. I come from a big Alaska Native family, so food and nomadic feet are woven into the fabric of my identity. They’ve shaped the person I’ve become: a cook, a traveler, and a lover of nature.

Growing up in Alaska meant that I didn’t get a lot of exposure to fresh foods. I did, however, get a lot of exposure to adventure and beauty in the Last Frontier. In recent years, I’ve merged the desire to travel with the desire to nest. I began to learn how to cook, how to exist in nature, and how to connect to my history through these mediums.

That doesn’t mean that it always comes easy. I say “fuck” a lot, because there’s a lot of failures in any interesting life.

I don’t eat clean. I don’t believe in relentless positivity. I believe that a life that doesn’t involve a greasy burger and jetlag is not a life for me. I wallow, I eat, and I go back for more. That’s what humanity means to me, and you will find plenty of humanity on here.

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