Cooking From Scratch: Week 5

How, you may ask, does a person go about cooking from scratch after having the nether regions of their mouth pilfered? What does a person who can barely open their jaw enough to suck down their Vicadin consume to stay alive? How does one survive after wisdom tooth surgery removes their precious chompers? I’m sure you’ve stayed up many a night pondering over this question.

Or maybe you haven’t.

Either way, you will probably end up having to get your wisdom teeth taken out at some point, or end up caring for someone in that position. Here’s what I managed to chow down on this week between naps and painkillers.

1. 20 Below Pea Soup. This is a recipe that I developed a few months ago, and it totally came in handy for this situation. The night that I came home from surgery, my sister made up a batch of this and I was able to eat from it for days. It provided just enough sustenance to fill me up without forcing me to expend a lot of jaw movement.

2. Talenti Ice Cream. I’m not sponsored by Talenti, but damn, I wish I was. I’m sure they have a lot of money and could provide me with enough delicious gelato to last a lifetime. Their coffee ice cream and their chocolate brownie flavors got me through the worst of the worst. Dare I say it, they were probably as instrumental to my recovery as any of the antibiotics.

3. PB&J Smoothie. Yet another shameless plug for one of my own recipes, but I wasn’t about to force Slaves 1 and 2 to find a gourmet recipe to make me. These smoothies helped me get my mouth moving for the day without hurting myself, a sentence that I never thought I’d get to say on this blog.

This week is probably pretty pathetic, but I figured it would be helpful to anyone about to undergo the surgery. I’ll be honest, the hardest part was just figuring out what to binge watch on TV (Chef’s Table and Street Foods Around The World on Netflix, for me). I caught up on some reading, connected with some family who stopped by and got to research what recipes I would be making once I was on my feet again.

I also did some research into food and it impact on climate, a subject that I had never thoroughly looked at before. It led me down the rabbit hole of studies, photos, and articles about the subject, and now I feel impassioned to find out more. If you have any recommended reading on the subject, feel free to comment below.

I hope that everyone is doing well. At the very least, you can rest assured knowing that you don’t have gaping holes at the back of your mouth.

Until next time, keep chomping.

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