DIY Thanksgiving Canvas


Thanksgiving is often the overlooked holiday. As Christmas comes earlier and earlier each year and Halloween runs later, Thanksgiving tends to get pushed to the side. For most of my life, it was just another family dinner smushed in between other, better family dinners.

But now that I will be hosting Thanksgiving at my apartment this year, I’ve found myself getting more and more excited about the holiday. Since other holidays are so busy, I never have time to think about things like appetizers, or place settings, or any of the other little details that I get excited about.

Thanksgiving is not about presents, or costumes, or movies. It is the one holiday of the year that is solely about creating an ambiance of comfort and coziness.

Oh yeah, and eating. Lots of eating.

Since I am the hostess this year, I wanted to get started early. I will be buying table decorations from the store because trying to convince myself to make every little piece is a nauseating thought. I will, however, be making some of the decor.

My first project is a spray-painted canvas, because I’ve found that they are a pretty good way to tap into my creative side.


What You’ll Need

A blank canvas

Maple leaves (fake or real)


Orange Spray Paint (I used Rust-O-Leum Brand)


Fold tape over to create a double-sided stick. Place the tape against the back of the maple leaf and attach to canvas. Do this with all leaves, creating any pattern of your choosing. (Note: If you want perfectly crisp edges, use tacks to pin down the edges of the leaves to the canvas).

Then, take your spray paint and go to town until it has reached the shade that you want. Wait for paint to dry and peel off the leaves. Write Thanksgiving sayings into the negative space.







I chose to have more of a faded look at the edges of the maple leaves, and I was incredibly happy with how it turned out. The words I chose represented how I feel about Thanksgiving, and I think that this canvas will turn out to be one of my favorite table decorations when the day comes.

How are you guys decorating for Thanksgiving? If you have a DIY post or a recipe for the holiday, leave a link to it in the comments!

Until next time, may your turkey skin be crisp and your cranberry sauce be homemade.


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