Easy Marinara Sauce

This past Christmas, The Boyfriend and I decided to try and make this year a healthier one. By and large we have done that in many ways, but there are still many habits to be tackled. One thing that we did agree on was that his addiction to prepackaged pizzas had to stop.

However, this didn’t mean that he had to stop eating pizza (which, incidentally, is pretty much impossible for a man with the tastebuds of a twelve-year-old). Instead, we found a lot of peace and fun times while making our own dough and sauce. We’d put on some music and dance while the dough rose, and then watch some TV while it baked in the oven.

This gave him all the yummy goodness of pizza without the high concentration of salt and sugar that tends to don most store-bought pizzas and marinara sauces. I don’t yet have my own special recipe for dough, but I have come up with some pretty delicious marinara sauce. The Boyfriend claims that it beats out every store bought marinara sauce he’s had (then again, he does love me, so he has to tell me such things).

So behold, here is the recipe for some kick-butt marinara, in the event that you don’t like store bought or don’t have it and really want some pizza.



1 Tablespoon Olive Oil

Crushed Tomatoes, 28-Ounces (from a can, or crushed by hand if you want to be super healthy)

Tomato Paste, 1 Tablespoon

5 Mushrooms, Diced (recommended, not required)

Garlic Powder, 1 Teaspoon (or 2 teaspoons minced garlic)

Oregano, 2 Teaspoons

Crushed Red Pepper, 2 Teaspoons




First, grease pot by adding olive oil and spreading across bottom of pot. On medium heat, add crushed tomatoes and tomato paste. Stir regularly to keep bottom from burning.

When the sauce starts to bubble, add diced mushrooms and bring heat to low. Still stirring regularly, add the garlic powder, oregano, and crushed red pepper.

Lastly, add the sauce to your chosen meal and store the rest for later!


We used the sauce on this pizza. Can you guess which side is mine?

I found that this recipe yielded quite a bit of sauce, enough for one large pizza, a few tortilla pizzas, and a lasagna.

I hope that you find this sauce to be easy, delicious, and worth the effort! If you do any variations on this and or change anything up, feel free to add them to the comments section.


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