Fairy Gardens For Beginners: Cafe Table

Because where else will fairies caffeinate those wings??

I will be winding down my fairy garden series in the coming weeks, as the weather here in Anchorage has turned rainy. Due to this, I’ve been thinking about Fall more than summer, which means I’ve got pumpkins and cozy drinks on the brain. You can expect some excellent hot chocolate recipes, decoration how-to’s, and a lot of fandom-themed crafts.

Fandoms I’ll Be Tackling: 

Harry Potter

Nancy Drew (Books, films, and computer games)

Agatha Christie

Lord of the Rings/Hobbit

I’m sure that more fandoms will creep in as time goes on, but these are the ones that I have major plans for.

As one of my last few fairy garden posts, I have a tutorial for a cafe table. There have been other tutorials for similar tables, so if you don’t find what you’re looking for in this one, you’re sure to find something more suited to your tastes in one of the others.


Something to measure with

Popsicle Sticks

Wire (The thicker the better, at least 0.3 mm)

Hot Glue Gun


White Paint (Optional)

Paint Brush (Optional)


First, measure 2.5 inches of popsicle stick to create three rectangles. These will make up your table top. Run the hot glue along one edge of each and stick the edges together, pressing firmly until glue is dried.


You may notice here that your table top is a bit, well, weak. Maybe it flops slightly. That’s normal. Unfortunately, the ease of hot glue guns tend to mean less durability. To fix this, you can glue a 2-inch long popsicle stick under the tabletop, just trim its edges a bit first so that you can fit the legs later. This brace should be perpendicular with the rest of the sticks.

Since mine was really floppy, I decided to do a little more than that. I took two little popsicle sticks and create braces at each edge, then ran a stick perpendicular (last stick not shown in photo).


Next, this bad boy needs some legs! Cut off 4 pieces of 4-inch wire (roughly, you can play around with the measurement for different looks, just make sure that it is consistent). Take your first piece, and with a pen, pencil, or your pinky finger, wrap the very end of the wire tight to create a little loop. Repeat this step at the other end, then press this end flat so that it is parallel with the tabletop, as it will go against the table.



Run a line of hot glue along this end and press into bottom of table until glue is dry. Repeat steps with all four wires. Make sure that the loops at the bottom face consistent directions, either facing inward or outward equally.

If your table is wobbly at the end, simply adjust the bottom loop of each wire to lengthen or shorten the leg.

Lastly, you may decide that you don’t like being able to see the glue lines at the top. I feel you there, they are kind of ugly. If you plan on creating a tablecloth, then you don’t have to worry, but if you would rather leave your table bare then you can cover the glue lines by painting over them, as seen in the photos below.





IMG_2940 (1)

Find a home in your garden for this guy and let your fairies feel like they are sipping a latte on the Seine!

Now that I’ve told you what fandoms I’ll be crafting for in the coming months, please message me or comment below if you have any suggestions. So far I plan on making outfits, creating themed hats, and using paper and clay to evoke a feeling for each fandom. If you have other ideas you’d like to see me try, feel free to send them my way!

Happy crafting, folks.




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