Merging The Two Blogs And An Engagement

If anyone has bothered to dig around my WordPress profile, then you know that I had a first blog before I began this one. That blog was dedicated to travel posts and photography, and once I started this blog, it took a back seat. Mainly because I couldn’t afford to travel as much, but also because I had this crazy notion that people who wanted to read travel posts wouldn’t want recipes, and people who were looking for recipes wouldn’t want to slog through travel posts.

That was stupid, obviously, but I learned my lesson.

Because of this, the two blogs will henceforth be merged under the name Wreck The Home. I still maintain what it says on my logo, which is that you can find home through travel. Of course, I’ll write more on that topic in the future.

And there will still be all the same posts you’ve gotten used to on here, like recipes, mental health, diet culture, and DIY posts. They will just have a little something extra thrown in as well. I realized that I am someone who loves travel and recipes, so why wouldn’t someone else also want both?

This is particularly exciting because this year I am exploring parts of Alaska that I have never been to. I will also get to dip my toes into travel video with The Fiance (oh yeah, I got engaged, no biggie). After that, we will be taking our first international trip as a couple before the end of the year. It’s been a long time coming.

So there will be plenty to see of my ugly mug. You might want to get used to it now.

To begin the merge, I’ll transfer posts from the previous blog alongside the up-to-date stuff that gets posted. Once everything is transferred, the other blog will be set to Private. Just so that there is no confusion about where to go for my writing.

Until next time, thanks for sticking around this long.

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