Craft: Polymer Clay Pumpkin Patch

Since Fall is quickly approaching (I can always tell because my Tumblr turns into an ad for pumpkin spice and off-the-shoulder sweaters), I figured I’d get into the spirit as well by sharing a craft that will make your fairy garden or dollhouse more seasonal.

I like this craft because it’s cheap (total cost of clay: $5) and yields a little pumpkin patch that is adorable. You can also use these instructions to make bigger hollow polymer pumpkins that you can use as decor for your home during Halloween and Thanksgiving (because those decor pumpkins are wayyyyy too expensive, may as well make them yourself).

So without further adieu, here is how you make the cutest little pumpkins in the world.


Orange Polymer Clay

Green Polymer Clay

Sculpting Tools or a Butter Knife





First, make two round balls, one of each color. The green ball should be about half the size of the orange ball.

Then, place your orange ball against something flat and press your thumb down a bit on the top of the ball, making a flat spot on the top and bottom. Grab your sculpting tool or butter knife and, using the thin, rounded edge, press a line into the sides of the clay to create the crevices of the pumpkin.



After the body of the pumpkin is done, take the green ball and use your thumb and forefinger to pinch half of the ball into the shape of a stem. This usually involves pinching around the half in a circle.



Lastly, pinch the bottom half flat until it can lay on the pumpkin. Then, press the stem bottom onto the top of the pumpkin. Here, I like to take the round edge of my sculpting tool and create twisting lines in the stem to give it more texture. Dry according to instructions, then cool.

Voila! You now have pumpkins.



These guys are so fun and easy to make, plus you can use them for a million different things. Personally, I’ll be using them for a little cardboard haunted Halloween house, then reusing them for a fun Thanksgiving craft that will be featured on the blog and the Youtube show.

Speaking of the Youtube show, my goal is to have the first episode up by early September, and post once a week from there. I have been diligently shooting and reshooting to get everything to be as good as it possibly can be, and so far I have four episodes completely filmed but unedited. Making a one-woman show by yourself is hard! Thankfully, I like challenges.

If you want to subscribe early to be notified when my first episode goes up, you can find my Youtube channel page here. After the kitchen tour in the first episode, the show will alternate randomly between recipes, crafts, party ideas, and some episodes that involve all three! Some will be posted here, but most will be Youtube-only to save space on my blog for more photos.

I hope all of you out there are as excited for Fall as I am, and that all of you are making the best of the rest of your summer. If you have a clay craft that you want to share, post a link to your blog or video in the comments section. I love seeing what others are doing.

Stay nifty, peeps.

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