Urban Uprising Craft Fair

As you may have noticed, I wasn’t posting as regularly this past week. This is because The Boyfriend and I were down in Seattle helping his parents fix up the yard of their new home. We laid down edging along the front lawn and planted bushes and flowers near the street.


IMG_2785 (1)


IMG_2787 (1)


As my reward for being a good sport about it all, we spent last Sunday at the Urban Uprising Craft Show at the Seattle Center. Our entrance to the fair was made even more fantastical by the fact that we had to walk through a colorful Pride Parade to get to into it.


Once inside, I found dozens of booths selling all kinds of creative glasswork, beadwork, woodwork, and all sorts of zany creations. I was really impressed with the level of craftsmanship that was displayed, and it made me feel like one day I could create things like that.



The craft fair inspired me to continue creating things upon my return to Alaska. With all of the new items I got from Michaels and Hobby Lobby during the trip, I have big plans for crafts this upcoming week, so stay tuned for more how-to’s!

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  1. Love those little creatures. Haven’t seen anything like them before. You always find such interesting things at craft fairs 🙂

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